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Please note that lead times for non-stock items may be up to 10 days.

Please note the following before searching our products:

Please do not use quartz, infrared, heater or element in your search terms.
As this is all we manufacture, these words are not included in item descriptions.
If you are looking for t3, tungsten, or halogen, we regrettably do not make these elements.
If you are looking for a specific wattage or voltage, enter the numbers only. Do not use w, v, watts or volts.
Looking for specific end cap? Try flat cap, tipped, or overcap.
How about specific end terminations? Try stud, lead, or socket.
For length, some are fractional and some are decimal. Decimals will not result in a match.
OAL (over-all length) is generally used for the end to end length on flat cap models, and does not include studs.
Tip to Tip (T-T) length is generally used for tipped caps, and does not include the stud or lead wire.
Partial model numbers may result in better matches than whole ones.

The more terms you use, the more specific the search, but all words must be present for a match result.

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